silent :: partner by Enrico Wey in River To River Festival (NYC)

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June 15, 16, & 17 at 8pm

Federal Hall (Enter at 15 Pine Street)

silent :: partner by Enrico Wey

silent :: partner, set at Federal Hall, explores the ideas of collective memory and its relationships to monuments. In front of Federal Hall stands a bronze statue of George Washington, erected in 1882—the same year the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed. Through the piece, Wey ruminates on the immaterial parts of Federal Hall and the structure of memory itself. He ultimately creates an intangible monument, not made of stone or metal, but rather of movement, sound and language. “What decides(,) what remains, what remains silent?” wey asks. “As we pass through these walls that stood/stand/will stand before us, we occupy a space with silent partners. With them, we flow outward, not forward, and in hushed tones, speak volumes.”

Composer and sound designer: Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca

Lighting designer and production manager: Elliott Cennetoglu

Costume designer: Oana Botez

Duration: 60 minutes