Do(u)ble quartet. A queer treatise on violin playing, Vol.1

By 19 mayo 2023octubre 29th, 2023Ensemble Works, Music, Performance

World Premiere by CONTAINER Ensemble. May 19th 2023 – Kaserne, Basel. Switzerland.

The experience of learning an instrument in the academy (the violin in my case) is often infused with strict discipline and obedience: an effort associated with suffering. «Do(u)ble quartet, a queer treatise on violin playing vol. 1 » takes the canonical violin treatises (Germiniani, Mozart, Herrando) as a starting point to subvert the normativity of directive pedagogy and proposes an alternative manual, an exercise in deviation in which four performers experience the possibility of expanding and subverting the instrument: a single electric violin.

The piece is dedicated to CONTAINER ensemble and to my beloved violin teacher Patricia Otero and was made with the collaboration of Enrico Dau Yang Wey (voice in tapes), Silvia Mondino and her students in Aula de Músicas (Madrid) and Haize Lizarazu.

Haize Lizarazu, performer & artistic team
Roberto Maqueda, performer & artistic team
Sara Méndez, performer
Miguel Angel Garcia Martín, performer

Janik Pokorny, sound engineer
Beyond groove productions, video